Release Notes

SeaDAS 8.2.0

These release notes depict the primary changes which have occurred since the previous release (SeaDAS 8.1.0).


SeaDAS Toolbox 1.2.0


  • New: SeaDAS Toolbox preferences page added
  • Modification: System Information GUI modified and cleaned up

SeaDAS-OCSSW (command line and GUI)

  • New: mapgen processer (replaces l1mapgen and l2mapgen)
  • Modification: multilevel_processor script major revision
  • Bug fix: multilevel_processor can now read a text file list of multiple input files.
  • Removal: processors l1mapgen, l2mapgen and smigen removed from multilevel_processor

SeaDAS-OCSSW (command line)

  • New/Removal: next_level_name is replaced by get_output_name, which uses the new naming convention


  • New: OCSSW tags are monitored for new releases
  • New: l2gen GUI shortcuts can be enabled/disabled in preferences
  • Bug fix: l2gen GUI now supports near infrared bands of some products (i.e. rhot, rhos, ...)

Known Issues

  • Coastline, Land and Water mask tool operator not available at gpt command line
  • Bathymetry tool operator not available in gpt

SeaDAS Platform 8.2.0


  • New: gpt (graph processing tool) now supported
  • Modification: Configuration initialization file "" now implemented
  • Bug fix: Virtual memory allocation can now be set


  • New: Color Bar Layer help page added
  • New: added color palettes from SeaDAS 7.5.3
  • Modification: Color Bar Layer has preferences modifications and minor functionality fixes
  • Modification: Color Manipulation Tool has preferences added to initialization file ""
  • Modification: Collocation tool modification of variable names

Known Issues

  • Virtual memory cannot be pre-configured. To increase memory go to Preferences > Performance and click okay
  • gpt (graph processing tool) command line entries require full file path
  • Statistics Tool does not contain the functionality of SeaDAS 7.5.3

Sentinel-3 Toolbox (S3TBX) 8.0.6

File Readers

  • New: LANDSAT 9 files can be displayed
  • New: LANDSAT collection 2 data now supported
  • Bug fix: reads meris L2 files with bad nav lines
  • Bug fix: reads PACE data correctly (Not flipping east west)
  • Bug fix: reads a special type of Hawkeye L1A file
  • Bug fix: reads HICO L1B files

Known Issues

  • none

Getting Started with SeaDAS

To get started see: SeaDAS 8.x Download, Installation, and Run Instructions

SNAP Users: Installing SeaDAS Toolbox

Please follow these guidelines to access and install the SeaDAS Toolbox

SeaDAS General Overview

The SeaDAS 8 platform (an extension of the ESA SNAP platform) serves as an application platform to the NASA SeaDAS Toolbox and the ESA Sentinel-3 Toolbox. The core elements of NASA SeaDAS science processing (both command line and GUI-based) are contained within the SeaDAS ToolBox. The NASA satellite mission data file readers and the ESA processors for the Sentinel-3 missions are contained within the Sentinel-3 Toolbox.

Note: SeaDAS 8 and onward is a significant modification over SeaDAS 7.5.3 regarding the core components and inner framework of the GUI. To get started see: SeaDAS 8.x Download, Installation, and Run Instructions

SeaDAS Legacy Software Overview

  • SeaDAS 7 series contained the NASA OBPG processors and the GUI is a variant of the BEAM software. This series culminated in version 7.5.3 and will no longer be revised. It won't use the latest NASA processors.
  • SeaDAS 6 series was based on IDL and is no longer supported.