The Official NASA/OB.DAAC Data Analysis Software

Last update: Jun 2021
Black Sea image constructed from MODIS Level 2 data
California coast image constructed from MODIS Level 2 data
2011 El Nino constructed from MODIS Level 2 data

SeaDAS is a comprehensive software package for the processing, display, analysis, and quality control of ocean color data. While the primary focus of SeaDAS is ocean color data, it is applicable to many satellite-based earth science data analyses. Originally developed to support the SeaWiFS mission, it now supports most U.S. and international ocean color missions.

The SeaDAS 8.x platform (an extension of the ESA SNAP platform) serves as an application platform to the NASA SeaDAS Toolbox and the ESA Sentinel-3 Toolbox. The core elements of NASA SeaDAS science processing (both command line and GUI-based) are contained within the SeaDAS ToolBox. The NASA satellite mission data file readers and the ESA processors for the Sentinel-3 missions are contained within the Sentinel-3 Toolbox. SeaDAS 8.x is a significant modification over SeaDAS 7.5.3 regarding the core components and inner framework of the GUI.

The latest version of SeaDAS is 8.1.0, which contains SeaDAS Toolbox (version 1.1.0) and Sentinel-3 Toolbox (version 8.0.3).



  • Visualization
  • Science Processing
  • Statistics


Operating Systems

  • Linux: tested on Ubuntu (16.04 LTS)
  • Intel Mac: OS X 10.12

View the complete list of suggested hardware & configuration requirements for supported systems.

Version History

View release notes and obtain historical versions of the SeaDAS software package.