SeaDAS Toolbox for SNAP

A beta version of the SeaDAS SNAP Toolbox plugin is now available!

This toolbox adds several SeaDAS features to the ESA SentiNel Application Platform (SNAP), including:

The client/server implementation of the OCSSW Processor requires an updated version of the ocssw-server code.

Step-by-step Installation Guide

Note: the prerequisites for the OCSSW installation from SeaDAS 7.5 apply

0. Have SNAP installed.
If you don't already have it, it can be download from the ESA STEP website
1. Get the toolbox plugins:
Download the SeaDAS-Toolbox plugins
Unzip the file to extract the .nbm files
2. Add the plugins to the plugin manager:
Start the SNAP Desktop
Open the Plugin Manager.
From the menu select Tools --> Plugins
3. Go to the Downloaded tab and click on the button Add Plugins...
In the file selector, navigate to the direcotry where you extracted the .nbm files on your local file system and click Open
4. The available plugins will be shown in the list on the left side and a description along with some metadata will be shown on the right side.
The plugins are marked for installation by default.
Click on the Install button to proceed with the installation.
Note During the installation you might see a warning that the the plugin is not signed. Usually this is not a problem, but you have to decide if you trust the provider of the plugin file.
Do you trust us?
5. After the installation completes, you are asked to restart SNAP Desktop.
Click Finish. SNAP will exit, finalize the installation and restart.
The plugin is now ready to use.