About SeaDAS

SeaDAS is a comprehensive software package for the processing, display, analysis, and quality control of remote-sensing Earth data. SeaDAS serves as the official distribution point of the NASA OBPG Science Software. This science processing component of SeaDAS applies the OBPG algorithms to satellite data in order to characterize and calibrate the data and generate science quality OBPG products.

SeaDAS currently supports the science processing of over 15 US and international satellite missions. Additional coinciding ancillary data are used to correct for and calibrate out the atmospheric components of the signal in order to determine an Earth/ocean surface level signal. Customized algorithms can be developped and applied within SeaDAS to evaluate ocean, land and atmospheric data, as well as to produce True Color imagery. SeaDAS can also integrate SeaBASS format in situ data for comparative analysis with relevant satellite data.

The SeaDAS 8.x platform (an extension of the ESA SNAP platform) serves as an application platform to the NASA SeaDAS Toolbox and the ESA Sentinel-3 Toolbox. The core elements of NASA SeaDAS science processing (both command line and GUI-based) are contained within the SeaDAS ToolBox. The NASA satellite mission data file readers and the ESA processors for the Sentinel-3 missions are contained within the Sentinel-3 Toolbox. SeaDAS 8.x is a significant modification over SeaDAS 7.5.3 regarding the core components and inner framework of the GUI.

The latest version of SeaDAS is 8.3.0 which contains SeaDAS Toolbox (version 1.3.0) and Sentinel-3 Toolbox (version 9.0.3).