Release Announcement

SeaDAS 8.1.0

The SeaDAS development team is pleased to announce the SeaDAS 8.1.0 release. To get started see: SeaDAS 8.x Download, Installation, and Run Instructions

These release notes depict the primary changes which have occurred since the previous SeaDAS 8.0.0 release.

SeaDAS 8.1.0 Versioning

SeaDAS 8.1.0 Release Summary

SeaDAS 8.1.0 Known Issues

Details: SeaDAS Platform (Version 8.1.0)

Extends from ESA SNAP 8.0.3. Since SeaDAS 8.0.0 (which extended from ESA SNAP 8.0.1), the following has been added which is not in ESA SNAP 8.0.3:
View release notes for ESA SNAP 8.0.3, SNAP 8.0.2.

Details: SeaDAS Toolbox (Version: 1.1.0)

Modifications since SeaDAS Toolbox version 1.0.0

Details: Sentinel-3 Toolbox S3TBX (Version 8.0.3)

Extends from ESA S3TBX Version 8.0.3. The following have been added to NASA's version of S3TBX which are not in ESA S3TBX 8.0.3. But these modifications are expected to be in ESA S3TBX 9.0.0.
View release notes for ESA S3TBX 8.0.3, S3TBX 8.0.

SeaDAS Toolbox installation guide for SNAP users

Please follow these guidelines to access and install the SeaDAS Toolbox.

General SeaDAS Overview:

The SeaDAS 8 platform (an extension of the ESA SNAP platform) serves as an application platform to the NASA SeaDAS Toolbox and the ESA Sentinel-3 Toolbox. The core elements of NASA SeaDAS science processing (both command line and GUI-based) are contained within the SeaDAS ToolBox. The NASA satellite mission data file readers and the ESA processors for the Sentinel-3 missions are contained within the Sentinel-3 Toolbox. SeaDAS Platform

Note: SeaDAS 8 and onward is a significant modification over SeaDAS 7.5.3 regarding the core components and inner framework of the GUI. To get started see: SeaDAS 8.x Download, Installation, and Run Instructions

Legacy Software Notes