Release Notes

SeaDAS 8.4.0 Release Notes

These release notes depict the primary changes which have occurred since the previous release (SeaDAS 8.3.0).



SeaDAS 8.4.0 adds new tools: Angular View, Image Animator (band images, angular view plots, spectrum view plots), Annotation Metadata Layer, and the Soft Button user assignable tool. The Color Bar Legend Tool has been revised to support band-dependent configurations, metadata annotation, and dynamic orientation to scene image. Various other minor additions and bug fixes have been implemented. This version supports Mac OS Ventura and the Mac M1/M2 chip. SeaDAS 8.4.0 uses a modification of unreleased versions of ESA SNAP 10.0.0 and ESA Optical Toolbox 10.0.0.

SeaDAS Toolbox 1.4.0

General Tools SeaDAS Processors (OCSSW) Known Issues

SeaDAS Platform 8.4.0

General Tools Known Issues

Optical Toolbox 10.0.0* - (SeaDAS modification of unreleased SNAP version)

File Readers Known Issues

Getting Started with SeaDAS

To get started see: SeaDAS 8.x Download, Installation, and Run Instructions

SNAP Users: Installing SeaDAS Toolbox

Please follow these guidelines to access and install the SeaDAS Toolbox

SeaDAS General Overview

The SeaDAS 8 platform (an extension of the ESA SNAP platform) serves as an application platform to the NASA SeaDAS Toolbox and the ESA Sentinel-3 Toolbox. The core elements of NASA SeaDAS science processing (both command line and GUI-based) are contained within the SeaDAS ToolBox. The NASA satellite mission data file readers and the ESA processors for the Sentinel-3 missions are contained within the Sentinel-3 Toolbox.

Note: SeaDAS 8 and onward is a significant modification over SeaDAS 7.5.3 regarding the core components and inner framework of the GUI. To get started see: SeaDAS 8.x Download, Installation, and Run Instructions

SeaDAS Legacy Software Overview