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The Sentinel Application Platform - or SNAP - in short is a collection of executable tools and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which have been developed to facilitate the utilisation, viewing and processing of a variety of remotely sensed data. The functionality of SNAP is accessed through the Sentinel Toolbox. The purpose of the Sentinel Toolbox is not to duplicate existing commercial packages, but to complement them with functions dedicated to the handling of data products of earth observing satellites.

The main components of the Sentinel Toolbox are:

Standard Product Format

The Sentinel Toolbox application and the scientific data processors use a simple data input/output format, which makes it easy to import data in other imaging applications. The format is called DIMAP® and has been developed by SPOT-Image, France. The SNAP software uses a special DIMAP profile called BEAM-DIMAP, which has the following characteristics:

Source Code

The complete SNAP software has been developed under the GNU public license and comes with full source code (JavaTM). The source code is available on GitHub

Supported Platforms

SNAP is programmed in pure Java™ to allow a maximum portability. The SNAP software has been successfully tested under MS Windows™ XP®, Vista, 7,8,10 and also Mac OS X and as well as under Linux and Solaris® operating systems.