Creates a Level 3 bin file from one or more input Level 3 bin files.


SeaDAS-OCSSW -> l3bin

GUI Usage
Command Line Usage

GUI Usage

UI Element Name Type Description Required/Optional Default Value
ifile ifile listfile of input binfiles Required
ofile ofile output bin filename Required
prod string data products list Optional
loneast float Easternmost longitude Optional +180
lonwest float Westernmost longitude Optional -180
latnorth float Northernmost latitude Optional +90
latsouth float Southernmost latitude Optional -90
pversion string processing version Optional unspecified
oformat string defines output format:
    hdf4:    output a HDF4 file
    netCDF4: output a netCDF4 file
    hdf5:    output a HDF5 file
Optional netcdf4

UI Element Name Type Description
Browser Button Button Selects ifile/ofile
Load Parameters ... Button Reads in previously saved parameters and populates the fields in GUI.
Store Parameters ... Button Saves the current arguments in GUI in a file.
Run Button Executes the l3bin command with arguments provided in the UI.
Cancel Button Closes current processor GUI.
Apply Button Makes current arguments effective.
Open in SeaDAS Checkbox If selected, the ofile will be added to the open products list right after its generation.
? Button Displays the help content of the current command.

Command Line Usage

L3BIN 5.12 (Nov 30 2018 09:53:07)
l3bin ifile=input-file ofile=output-file prod=prodlist

  The input file is a list of L3 binned files.
  The argument-list is a set of keyword=value pairs. The arguments can
  be specified on the commandline, or put into a parameter file, or the
  two methods can be used together, with commandline over-riding.

  return value: 0=OK, 1=error.

The list of valid keywords follows:

   help (boolean) (alias=h) (default=false) = print usage information
   version (boolean) (default=false) = print the version
   verbose (boolean) (default=off) = Allow more verbose screen messages
   dump_options (boolean) (default=false) = print
        information about each option
   dump_options_paramfile (ofile) = print
        information about each option to paramfile
   dump_options_xmlfile (ofile) = print
        information about each option to XML file
   par (ifile) (alias=parfile) = input parameter file
   pversion (string) (default=unspecified) = production version
   ifile (ifile) (alias=in,infile) = input file name with list of L3 files
   ofile (ofile) (alias=out) (default=output) = output bin file name
   oformat (string) (default=netCDF4) = output file format
           hdf4:    output a HDF4 file
           netCDF4: output a netCDF4 file
           hdf5:    output a HDF5 file

   merged (ofile) = merged file name
   latnorth (float) (default=+90) = northern most latitude
   latsouth (float) (default=-90) = southern most latitude
   loneast (float) (default=+180) = eastern most longitude
   lonwest (float) (default=-180) = western most longitude
   sday (int) (default=1970001) = start datadate (YYYYDDD)
   eday (int) (default=2038018) = end datadate (YYYYDDD)
   deflate (int) (default=5) = deflate level
   orbit1 (int) (default=-1) = sorbit
   orbit2 (int) (default=-1) = eorbit
   median (int) (default=0) = median
   noext (boolean) (default=off) = set to 1 to suppress generation of
        external files
   unit_wgt (int) (default=0) = unit_wgt
   composite_scheme (string) = composite scheme (min/max)
   composite_prod (string) = composite product fieldname
   prod (string) (alias=out_parm) (default=DEFAULT) = bin products
        [default=all products in L3 file]