Installs or updates OCSSW processing package.

Command Line Usage


SeaDAS-OCSSW -> Install/Update OC Processors


Install/Update OC Processors executes install_ocssw which installs or updates the OCSSW package for SeaDAS. When SeaDAS first installs OCSSW package, the menu item would display as "Install OC Processors". Afterwords, it's displayed as "Update OC Processors".

You can access the OCSSW installer GUI from the Tools/SeaDAS Processing/Install/Update OC Processors menu. The ocssw install/update GUI initially displays a default window, as shown in the image below, to select installation directory and mission data files to be included in the installation. If the data files of a mission already exists in the system, the checkbox for that mission would be selected in the initial screen. Users can leave it selected for an update or deselect to skip its installation.

install_ocssw GUI

UI Element Name Type Description Required/Optional Default Value
install_dir string destination directory for install. Defaults to $OCSSWROOT or "$HOME/ocssw" if neither are given. Optional. The default installation directory is $USER_HOME/ocssw. $OCSSWROOT if it exists, otherwise "$HOME/ocssw"
aquarius boolean install Aquarius files Optional false
avhrr boolean install AVHRR files Optional false
czcs boolean install CZCS files Optional false
goci boolean install GOCI files Optional false
hawkeye boolean install HAWKEYE files Optional false
hico boolean install HICO files Optional false
meris boolean install MERIS files Optional false
aqua boolean install MODIS Aqua files Optional false
terra boolean install MODIS Terra files Optional false
mos boolean install MOS files Optional false
ocm1 boolean install OCM1 files Optional false
ocm2 boolean install OCM2 files Optional false
octs boolean install OCTS files Optional false
osmi boolean install OSMI files Optional false
seawifs boolean install SeaWiFS files Optional false
sgli boolean install SGLI files Optional false
viirsn boolean install VIIRSN files Optional false
viirsj1 boolean install VIIRSJ1 files Optional false
Source Code boolean install source code Optional false
Clean Install boolean do a clean install by deleting the install directory first, if it exists Optional false
VIIRS DEM Files boolean install VIIRS DEM files needed for geolocation Optional false

UI Element Name Type Description
Browser Button Button Selects installation directory
Run Button Executes install_ocssw with arguments provided in the UI.
Cancel Button Closes current processor GUI.
Apply Button Makes current arguments effective.
? Button Displays the help content of the current command.

Command Line Usage

usage: install_ocssw [-h] [--version] [--list_tags] [-t TAG] [-i INSTALL_DIR] [-b BASE_URL] [-l LOCAL_DIR] [-s SAVE_DIR]
                     [-c] [--wget] [-a ARCH] [-v] [--bin] [--opt] [--src] [--luts] [--viirs_l1_bin] [--root] [--opt_src]
                     [--afrt] [--aquarius] [--avhrr] [--aviris] [--common] [--czcs] [--eval] [--goci] [--hawkeye] [--hico]
                     [--l5tm] [--l7etmp] [--meris] [--misr] [--modisa] [--modist] [--mos] [--msis2a] [--msis2b] [--oci]
                     [--ocia] [--ocip] [--ocis] [--ocm1] [--ocm2] [--ocrvc] [--octs] [--olcis3a] [--olcia3b] [--oli]
                     [--osmi] [--prism] [--sabiamar] [--seawifs] [--sgli] [--viirsdem] [--viirsj1] [--viirsn] [--wv3]
                     [--cloud] [--benchmark] [--viirs_l1_benchmark] [--direct_broadcast] [--seadas] [--odps] [--viirs_l1]

Install OCSSW bundles

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             print this program's version
  --list_tags           list the tags that exist on the server
  -t TAG, --tag TAG     tag that you want to install
  -i INSTALL_DIR, --install_dir INSTALL_DIR
                        root directory for bundle installation (default=$OCSSWROOT)
  -b BASE_URL, --base_url BASE_URL
                        remote url for the bundle server
  -l LOCAL_DIR, --local_dir LOCAL_DIR
                        local directory to use for bundle source instead of the bundle server
  -s SAVE_DIR, --save_dir SAVE_DIR
                        local directory to save a copy of the downloaded bundles
  -c, --clean           delete extra files in the destination directory
  --wget                use wget for file download
  -a ARCH, --arch ARCH  use this architecture instead of guessing the local machine (linux_64,macosx_intel,odps)
  -v, --verbose         increase output verbosity
  --bin                 install binary executables
  --opt                 install 3rd party programs and libs
  --src                 install source files
  --luts                install LUT files
  --viirs_l1_bin        install VIIRS binary executables subset
  --root                install random files in the root dir files
  --opt_src             install 3rd party library sources files
  --afrt                install Ahmad-Fraser RT data files
  --aquarius            install Aquarius files
  --avhrr               install AVHRR files
  --aviris              install AVIRIS files
  --common              install common files
  --czcs                install CZCS files
  --eval                install evaluation files
  --goci                install GOCI files
  --hawkeye             install Hawkeye files
  --hico                install HICO files
  --l5tm                install l5tm files
  --l7etmp              install l7etmp files
  --meris               install MERIS files
  --misr                install MISR files
  --modisa              install MODIS AQUA files
  --modist              install MODIS TERRA files
  --mos                 install MOS files
  --msis2a              install MSI Sentinel 2A files
  --msis2b              install MSI Sentinel 2B files
  --oci                 install PACE OCI files
  --ocia                install PACE OCI AVIRIS files
  --ocip                install PACE OCI PRISM files
  --ocis                install PACE OCI Simulated data files
  --ocm1                install OCM1 files
  --ocm2                install OCM2 files
  --ocrvc               install OC Virtual Constellation files
  --octs                install OCTS files
  --olcis3a             install OLCI Sentinel 3A files
  --olcia3b             install OLCI Sentinel 3B files
  --oli                 install Landsat OLI files
  --osmi                install OSMI files
  --prism               install PRISM files
  --sabiamar            install Sabiamar files
  --seawifs             install SeaWiFS files
  --sgli                install SGLI files
  --viirsdem            install VIIRS Digital Elevation files
  --viirsj1             install VIIRS JPSS1 files
  --viirsn              install VIIRS NPP files
  --wv3                 install WV3 files
  --cloud               install cloud properties processing files
  --benchmark           install benchmark MOSIS Aqua, level0 -> level3 Mapped files
  --viirs_l1_benchmark  install VIIRS benchmark data files
  --direct_broadcast    toggle on bundles needed for MODIS direct broadcast
  --seadas              toggle on the base set of bundles for SeaDAS
  --odps                toggle on the base set of bundles for ODPS systems
  --viirs_l1            install everything to run and test the VIIRS executables
  --all                 toggle on all satellite bundles