GPT Cookbook (Under Construction so graphs are still SeaDAS 7)

This cookbook illustrates some examples of running various SNAP/SeaDAS tools from the command line using the GPT (Graph Processing Tool).

General Configuration and Options


1  BandMaths

2  Collocate

3  LandWaterMask

4  Mosaic

5  PixEx

6  Reproject

7  StatisticsOp

8  Subset

9  WriteImage

Mult-Operator Workflow

1  Hello World (Read-Write)

2  Reproject (Read-Reproject-Write)

3  Compare Two Files (Read-Reproject-Collocate-BandMaths-LandWaterMask-StatisticsOp-Write)

4  Mosaic Cleanup (Mosaic-BandMaths)

For more on GPT see Help

Note: the SeaDAS OCSSW processors are run directly at the command line and are not run under GPT