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SeaDAS Command-line IDL Functions

All SeaDAS data processing programs, and most of the IDL functions available in SeaDAS can be run in two ways: The SeaDAS GUI can be a good way to learn a program's functionality, but often it is more efficient to use the SeaDAS command-line or Unix command-line (especially for automating data processing and manipulation). To see if a SeaDAS GUI function is available in command mode, consult this webpage or use the function's help page, which will indicate if there is a corresponding IDL command. Many, but not all of the functions of the general display program are available in command mode.

SeaDAS commands and/or IDL statements can be submitted interactively either as individual commands or in ASCII script files. These script files may also be run non-interactively to process data and/or create output images. (See these examples and also the SeaDAS Startup Syntax.)

CAUTION! Our data processing programs can be run either from within SeaDAS using IDL commands, or outside of SeaDAS using Unix commands. The syntax for both the IDL and Unix formats are similar, but there are important differences! This can cause confusion. See this page for more information on the differences.

The following table summarizes all of the SeaDAS IDL commands except for the data processing functions.

General image and graphics display.
load Load SeaWiFS, MODIS, OCTS, CZCS, MOS, AVHRR SST, SeaDAS Mapped, flat, binary, HDF, PNG, or true color files.
display Display any loaded product in a seadisp display window.
Functions on loaded bands which create new bands
mband_cmd Create new bands with user-defined calculations on loaded bands.
mapimg  Map project any loaded navigable product.
bathyimg Bathymetry image generation.
band_avg Average any number of loaded bands.
band_diff Difference any two loaded bands.
band_sum Sum any number of loaded bands.
bl1map Batch L1A file projection. (SeaWiFS and MODIS only)
bl2map Batch L2 file projection. (SeaWiFS and MODIS only)
bl3map Batch L3 file projection. (SeaWiFS and MODIS only)
Functions on either loaded bands or displayed images
out, /data Output raw or geophysical data values.
out, /nav Output latitude/longitude values.
out_track Output points or line segments (ship track) image data.
out_ascii  Output raw, geophysical, latitude, longitude, pixel, line values.
loop Loop through any sequence of loaded bands and/or displayed windows.
Functions on displayed bands only
coast  Overlay coastline and optionally landmask, etc.
grid Overlay gridlines and/or labels on any loaded navigable product.
landmask Overlay landmask graphics on any loaded navigable product.
cbar Put a color bar on the displayed image.
vector Overlay vectors on the displayed image.
load_graph Load bitmap graphics from a flat file or an HDF file.
loadpal  Load a color palette into the specified SeaDAS color table.
loadgp Modify default graphics colors.
out, /display Output image display.
out, /graph Output image graphics.
Miscellaneous display functions
clear_up Close all display windows and free memory.
Miscellaneous utilities
sdwfont Set default widget font.
sdpfont Set default plot font.

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