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The Load CZCS SeaDAS HDF Product Selection Widgets

Description:  This procedure reads SeaDAS created CZCS L1A or L2 data files.  The data and associated information (such as navigation information, data units and raw-to-geophysical scaling information) are loaded into memory and made available for display.

[Interactive mode][Command mode]

Interactive mode:

Once a SeaDAS created CZCS L1A or L2 input file is selected, the widget expands to show all the available data products in that file.  Once data products are selected, press the Load button to load the products into memory and make available for display.  It is not necessary to close the CZCS (SeaDAS HDF format) Product Selection Widget in order to see the products in a new file, simply enter or select a new file and the product list will automatically update.

From Main Menu , select menu item Load -> CZCS/SeaDAS HDF.

File Selection Section:
HDF CZCS Filename  Files can be selected in one of two ways:
  • Manually enter a file name.  Then either press Okay or hit <RETURN> to list all the products available in that file.
  • Press Select to select an input file interactively.
  • Select Interactively select a SeaDAS HDF CZCS input file.
    Okay Show a listing of the available data products in this file.  (This is only needed if the user manually enters a file name and does not hit <RETURN>)
    File Type Displays information on what type of SeaDAS HDF CZCS file has been selected (i.e., Level-2, Level-1A, etc.).
    Dimension Displays information on the dimensions of a product in the selected input file.
    Pixel range Enter a range of pixels to read.
    Line range Enter a range of lines to read.
    Pixel Sample Rate Select a pixel sample rate for reading the data into memory.
    Line Sample Rate Select a line sample rate for reading the data into memory.
    Load Palette This option will be inactive if there is no color palette in the SeaWiFS input file selected.  If the option is active, then selecting it will read and load the color palette.  Remember that any currently displayed images will be affected.

    Product Selection Section:
    Select One or Many Products buttons  Select any number of products desired for reading into memory.
    Quit Delete the Product Selection For SeaDAS HDF CZCS widget.   Products already loaded into memory will still be available.
    Help Show this help in HTML viewer.
    Select All Select all products listed.
    Select None Deselect all products listed.
    Load Read selected data products and attributes into memory, into available band list, and make available for display.

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